Duck liver, cinnamon, pea, acidified sour cherry
3.350 Ft

Ginea fowl with tarragon and mustard
2.350 Ft

Gizzard salad, apple and mushroom
2.150 Ft

Salmon trouth, fava beans, raisins
2.550 Ft

Zakuska ravioli, tomato soup
1.650 Ft


Vichysoisse, rabbit meatloaf, sage
1.450 Ft

Saffron cabbage soup, smoked knuckle of pork
1.750 Ft

Chicken farm
3.750 Ft

Baked mangalica pork with watercress, ginger and mushroom
3.850 Ft

Filet of angus beef, potato, shallotes
7.450 Ft

Confit duck leg with pressed liver and basil baby carrot
4.150 Ft

Fresh fish from the market
3950 Ft

Rabbit with rosemary and savoy cabbage
4.250 Ft 

Cottage cheese polenta with spinach
2.550 Ft


Lemon cake, gorgonzola ice cream, crispy cottage cheese
1.650 Ft

Basil variation
1.550 Ft

Dark chocolate, orange sorbet
1.950 Ft

Cheese selection with home-made jam
2.850 Ft


Green salad with hazelnut and vinaigrette
1.550 Ft

Mixed salad with marinated goat cheese
1.950 Ft

Opening Winekitchen was a fulfilment of a more-than-a-decade-old dream. Having left Restaurant Mágnáskert, we set off on different professional paths that led us to Bock Bistro and Bortársaság. But our friendship and family ties stayed strong over the years, therefore it was obvious that may opportunity come, we would open a restaurant together.

Winekitchen, as we see it, is a blend of a French-style bistro and a contemporary family restaurant offering the best of Hungarian cuisine. The name Winekitchen speaks for itself. The concept is based on the wide and diverse wine list, the delicious food and the personal and relaxed service.

Our wine assortment includes 200 different, mostly Hungarian wines that represent not only the well-known wineries, but also small and yet-to-be-discovered cellars. We offer 48 wines by the glass at a time and have a temperature-controlled wine shelf with 1200-bottle-capacity so that you could buy wine by the bottle at a reasonable price for either take-away or drinking it on spot.

Our cuisine is based on fresh, even daily purchased ingredients and on the weekly-fortnightly changing offers written on the black board. Our chef, Ákos Sárközi has been with us from the first moment. We appreciate his knowledge and genuineness, professionalism showed while working in Restaurant Alabárdos, his continuous success in the Tradition and Evolution competition, and the experiences he gained as a stage in the Portuguese two-Michelin-star Restaurant Villa Joya.

"What is my philosophy? I would like to create a kitchen full of flavours. If I hade to define my style, I would say that it is open to any influences. As I get inspiration from the Transylvanian cuisine, I'm also ready to use Spanish, French or Italian ingredients. My aim is to show the many facets of the traditional Hungarian cuisine by using contemporary approach and kitchen technology."

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so come and visit us and we hope that you will become a regular guest at Winekitchen.

Owners Tamás Horváth and Zoltán Kalocsai

 Kitchen open hours

12-16 and 18-23.30


Dear Guest!

We are closed on 1st November.